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QA Security Company provides the necessary security , to Lukoil Oil Company, and through the global carrier, "Martrade"

The Security Mission was made fully and organized, and with best security Proceeded smoothly, during which the transportation process was secured in Basra Governorate from the Al-Barjisiya area to the West Qurna oil field.

The Security Mission Procedures was held by Two armored vehicles which designated for this purpose and were equipped with high safety and security technology.

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Qimmat Al Iqtidar Security Company

QA 143 has been operating as a private security company in Iraq since 2004, providing services to government entities, international organizations, and private sector firms for nearly fifteen years.

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    • Thuraya: +8821652151210
    • Email : info.security143@qa-iraq.com
    • Qimat Al Iqtidar Security Services Co. (QA 143) Hamdan Industrial Street ‬‏

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