Complex facilities of the company

We have a main complex for the company's facilities such as a staff camp and a central workshop with the company's warehouses and a garage for equipment and machinery. This complex is located next to the company's second location in Bahadriya - Basra on Hamdan Industrial Road, as shown in the design below:


1= Camp

2=Workshop& store


4=Laydown Area


The idea of establishing the QA Qimat AL-Iqtidar engineering for contracts came as a stepping-stone in the progress of the country and one of the models of construction, giving and success at the local level and global.

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  • Phone : 00964 781 777 7700
  • Phone : 00964 782 780 3337
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  • Email :
  • Basra, Jazair, near Ibn Ghazwan Hospital
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